Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Ceremony

ceremony: We have contemplated the ceremony at the water wall in Mimi's garden and strongly feel that simple is best. We recommend one spray of full sized white callas with cut kiwi vines (brown, dried and very twisty like a grapevine). This arrangement can later be moved to a buffet table or escort card table.

Bridal bouquet: Cascade of different types of cymbidium and catalaya orchids with lily of the valley, white larkspur, white roses, and white ribbon (picture on file).

Bridesmaid bouquet options:

1. White Hydrangeas with a collar of dusty miller (fuzzy grey foliage) and a few white roses for textural contrast. (Shown with cream colored roses, dusty miller)

(ABOVE: lower left picture shown with white hydrangeas in a hand-tied silk Helenic stem wrap)

(ABOVE: Cream roses, green hydrangea, polk-dot stem wrap)

2. Catalaya Orchid Posey Holder

3. 5 Stems of White Calla lilies full size with a button finish or 10 stems (as shown)

Boutonniere Options:

1. Three White Spray roses

2. Single Catalaya Bloom

3. Single White Cymbidium Bloom

4. Small Dogwood or cherry Blossoms

5. Freesia boutonnier

Flower Girls:

1. Halos of White Stock and Alstromeria
(Below: White halo with white stock and white ranunculus)

Reception Design 3

Reception Design 3: Floating Orchids

Crisp. Clean. Modern.

Each table will have a square pilar of floating orchids. Some will have white catalayas, others will have red cymbidiums, and even still others will have white dendrobiums. Around each column will be square votive holders. The variety of orchids and three different heights will provide texture and visual interest while the uniformity of shape will create a feel that is modern and simple.

alternations might include: Having a very large centerpiece of orchids on the buffet or on the cake table.

If we place a small mirror under each arrangement then the ambient light will reflect upwards and appear to illuminate the orchids which is part of the appeal you probably found in the photos you sent me - lighting.

pairs well with: Escort "cards" made of polished river rocks on a bed of green moss. Guests might enjoy a favor table with chocolate bars with the couple's name printed on the outside and chocolate covered cherries for sharing.

Reception Design 2

Reception Design 2: Paper Wait

Here's three cheers to your first year together and a glimpse ahead to your first anniversary, traditionally celebrated by exchanging gifts made of paper.

Your guests will enjoy the soft glow that small paper lanterns bring to the ceremony as dusk settles in over the courtyard. Using paper lanters made of either white, red, or a pattern and a cylinder vase hidden inside of each, large bursts of dogwood or cherry branches soar out the top of each. The view of your guests will not be obscured because of the light, airy quality of the branches. Spirits will be lifted as the eyes raise upward to take in the natural splendor of branches that have signified fertility and new beginnings in Japan for thousands of years.

alternations might include: Using a low arrangement on 1/2 the tables and tall arrangements on the other 1/2, still using the same flowers and style.

Another alternative would be to use a pave of white spider mums and black and white pussy willow streaming out of the top of each.

pairs well with:

Origami paper escort cards, small paper lanterns that can double as party favors, and a bucket of flip flops in the colors of the bride and groom so that the party can kick-off the formality and step-into a relaxed celebration.

We would love to see matching over-head strings of lantern lights and a few parasols clustered against the back wall of camphouse to create an inclusive feel.

Another alternative would be to use a pave of white spider mums and black and white pussy willow streaming out of the top of each.

Reception Design 1

Reception Design 1: Hat Trick

If Salvador Dali had designed a flower... it would have been the ranunculus.

Using either hat boxes or cylinder vases covered in flocked wall paper we will create table designs that have a lot of texture, convey a rich romantic feeling with a lush collar of red ranunculus, and finish off with an exotic flourish of white cymbidium orchids on top. These cymbidium orchids will echo the feeling of Danielle's bouquet and will create a subtle, but definitive tie between the ceremony and reception. The multiple layers will lend itself well to an architectural feel.

The lack of greens anywhere will really cause the arrangements to pop against the lush lawn of the arboretum.

alternations might include: Reversing the designs and using white ranunculus on the bottom and burgundy cymbidiums on the top of 1/2 of the arrangements or using two different heights for visual appeal.

pairs well with:

Hand-written escort cards, matching table number cards, lollipop party favors, and good French wine.